Best Way To Restore Dell Backdoor BIOS

You may encounter the Dell Backdoor Bios error message. There are a number of steps you can take to fix this issue and we’ll get to them in a moment.

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    dell backdoor bios

    I’m wondering what exactly using the new BIOS backdoor password does.

    Does it now ignore the current BIOS password in this session, or does it completely reset the current BIOS password?

    How do I bypass the BIOS password on a Dell laptop?

    Locate the password reset jumper (PSWD) on the system board. Remove the main jumper from the account information jumper pins. Power on the device without a jumper to reset the password. Wait for the desktop to load and turn off the computer to set the jumper to a new location.

    Please note that I am NOT asking how to reset the entire BIOS password – I know I am. Just wondering if the bios resets the backdoor password or bypasses the bank password once.


    The I/O device acts as a bridge between the operating room The system and internal components of the PC. You can access the BIOS using the administrator password and change settings related to the system hardware. Administrator account information prevents unauthorized users from accessing certain parts of the system and making changes to the BIOS. If an employee closed the BIOS without your permission, or you may have forgotten the password for burning wood on your computer, use your own backdoor password to access the installed system. Motherboard and computer manufacturers sometimes use these master passwords so that recovery technicians can access the PC if the BIOS is locked.

    Go to the website of your computer or car motherboard manufacturer on another PC.

    Locate your computer or phone motherboard and check the specifications, run specific drivers or BIOS to find out which BIOS manufacturer your computing device is using.


    Turn on the locked computer. If your computer brand should be Dell, Compaq, or Toshiba, you typically enterName of the manufacturer and enter “Enter”.

    Try “

    the main security passwords are “BIOS”, “CMOS”, and “PASSWORD”. If they don’t unlock the BIOS, try a good BIOS manufacturer’s password: use “phoenix” and “PHOENIX” for the Phoenix BIOS; “AAAMMMIII”, “AMI? SW” and “A.M.I.” when considering AMI; “AWARD and PW”, “AWARD SW” and “AWKWARD” for Award BIOS.

    Dell Bios Password Backdoor List Results

    How can I get my BIOS password backdoor?

    Try the main accounts “BIOS”, “CMOS”, and “PASSWORD”. If they don’t really unlock the BIOS, try a good BIOS vendor specific password: use “phoenix” and “PHOENIX” for the Phoenix BIOS; “YYAMMMIII”, “AMI? SW” and/or “A.M.I.” for AMI; and “AWARD PW”, “AWARD SW”, and “AWKWARD” for Award BIOS.

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