Steps To Fix Windows 98 Boot Disk Issue From Assembly CD

If you need to create a Windows 98 boot floppy from a CD, this article should help.

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    Using Windows to Create an Absolute Boot Disk Windows 98 includes all necessary boot files as well as Help and Support on a CD. To create a Windows 98 floppy, click Start, Settings, Control Panel, double-click the Add/Remove Programs tattoo, click Boot Floppy, and create the floppy. Continue copying files to the C:DOS directory.

    How do I create a DOS boot disk?

    Launch My Computer (go to Start and select My Computer).Right-click on the star of the 3.5″ drive and select “Format” from the “Structure” menu.Select “Create a new MS-DOS disk” and click “Start”. Click here – see image.Click OK when XP asks for confirmation.Click “Close” once XP has finished creating the drive.

    When customers first purchased your Windows 98 p. c., a bootable CD has been provided that can be used in case of serious software problems. If your system has ever been infected with a nasty virus or is actually just littered with junk files that you want to get rid of, you can simply boot from the CD and reinstall the operating system. Booting from the Windows 98 recovery CD does not require any special computer skills; Just follow the instructions on the screen.


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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Run the program
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  • Insert

    Insert the majority of the Windows 98 boot CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. Restart your Plus computer and wait for the boot sticker to appear.

    Step 2

    Highlight Starting with “Boot CD” and press “Enter”. Select “Boot a computer with CD-ROM support” if you only want to boot ninety-eight Windows from a CD. -disk. Press Enter.



    Download pre-2000 Windows Setup from CD step if you want to reinstall Windows 98 from the Kickout CD to the same computer hard drive. Press Enter.

    step 4

    create windows 98 boot disk from cd

    Press Enter again to begin the installation process. Click Continue, then click Next. Click the “Normal” radio button, not to mention “Next”.

    Step 5

    Enter a computer name and click Next. Select your location and time zone from the drop-down menu and click Next.

    Step 6

    How do I create a boot disk?

    Step by step: Access the app’s home page.Step 2: Choose Disaster Recovery.Step 3: Select the “Bootable CD” option.Step 4: Choose your boot drive.Step 3: Select the type of bootable media.Step 6: Create a boot image.Step 7: Burn the boot image.

    Click Restart Now and wait for the installation process to complete. Highlight “Load from disk” and press “Enter”.

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    • If you no longer have the standard Windo boot CDws 98 that came with your computer, you can create a new one. Download the fantastic boot disk ISO image and burn it to a blank CD. Use only the burnt CD as if you were using the original Sneaker CD.
    • If you boot Windows 98 from a CD instead of a disk complex, you will no longer have access to any files or folders you previously created on the disk. Reinstalling Windows 98 by booting from a CD will remove any files that are occupying your computer’s hard drive.
    create windows 98 boot disk from cd

    Hey, I’ve been trying to learn all of this but can’t find a clear solution and I need to take a nap, so I’ll try my luck here. Basically, I’m trying to format my hard drive so I can install Windows 98 on it.I don’t have a weak disk so I need to start building a boot CD to do this. I doubt a simple DOS boot would be as effective.

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    How do I make a floppy disk bootable?

    The sys command creates boot disk by copying msdos. system, okay sys and only the files on the cd/dvd. You must create a Rescue Disk on the same computer where it will be used.

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